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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Belated laughter

I've had an exceptionally hectic week. In a good way. Might have some news coming, which I'm sure everyone is eager to read. It's left me a little out of touch and I'm just now catching up on some of the April Fool's jokes the mainstream media and some of my blogging colleagues played this week.

I'm always game for a good laugh.

Willy Taveras is going to make the team and platoon in right with Willie Harris? Harharhar! I just spit coffee on my screen. That is so too funny! Oh, I love a creative mind.

Cristian Guzman, whose arm strength is apparently an issue, is going to play some in right field? My goodness, my sides hurt.

Always good to laugh.

Now, let me go find out who actually made this team. Was going to try and get to but the craziness of the week made it impossible. I think my first appearance will be Game 3. They ought to have the kinks worked out by then as Craig Stammen goes after the Nats' third victory of the season.

Willy Taveras! Guzman in right! This might be the best Aprim Fonl's ever!!


Hendo said...

Looking forward to the good news from out your way, which sounds like it'll be better than the latest news from Viera and South Capitol Street. (This team needs to learn that anticlimax goes only so far as a drawing card.)

Hendo said...

Oh, and don't choke on your chocolate bunny, but Guzman's DH'ing today out of the 2 hole.

peric said...

With the right guy in right and some luck with the starting pitching this team could actually contend. They could have had Jason Heyward .... but here we are.

The way Riggleman is managing from the beginning it doesn't look promising.

If Ryan Church is released watch the Nats claim him.