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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Into every sunny day

it seems we must get a bit of a dark cloud.

Yesterday was about as good as it gets, at least for me, sports wise. The Masters is probably my second favorite event behind the Kentucky Derby and we almost saw a guy eagle THREE straight holes. A non-Tiger guy, too, which made it even better. I'll save the Tiger debate for another day and just say here I hope he doesn't win. Ever again if I want to prolong this, but I don't.

In hockey, the Bruins scored three short-handed goals on the same power play. Stunning. If only it had happened to the Penguins.

I even ventured out last night to see our local indoor football team, the Richmond Revolution. Of course, the Revolution won because "my" teams don't lose with me in the house this season. Richmond was up 26 points going into the fourth quarter and needed two interceptions by the same player in the final 90 seconds to hold on and win 45-39.

And how 'bout them Nats? Yesterday's victory gave me the Willies! Or the Willys, take your pick. Dang, I should be writing headlines again.

I love Willie Harris as super-utility guy. I refuse to jump on the Willy Taveras train despite his career day. I'm still a little stunned he's on the team, though I will give him his due for yesterday. I do wish the broadcast booth would pick a pronunciation and stick with it. One called him TavAres and the other TavEras, which prompted my wife to ask which was correct. My guess, giving the spelling, is TavEras. Since he's the Nats' new best outfielder ever, I hope they come to a consensus.

Of course, part of the TV team would have to stop cheering, clapping and criticizing umpires long enough to work out this Taveras thing.

Tyler Clippard was fun to watch and I get some sort of odd pleasure out of watching Matt Capps. It takes me way back to the days of what's his name, Stanhouse? The reliever who used to make Earl Weaver go smoke in the tunnel?

More good news: just "tweeted" that Garrett Mock has been optioned to make room for Livan Hernandez. Good. No offense, Mock, but that's the right move. It gives the team a week to watch the relievers and then recall a deserving starter (smart money is on Olsen).

My rain cloud is this "precautionary" removal of Ryan Zimmerman because of a hamstring. He'll be out a couple of days, Nationals Journal said. We were told the removal of Jordan Zimmermann from the rotation was precautionary, too. No need to list all the injury issues once more. Let's just say I'll feel better when Z-single-n is actually out there playing and I hope it is Wednesday in Philadelphia and not next month. Jesus Flores was supposed to return last season in Philadelphia, too, though maybe they really meant Philadelphia in 2011.

Can't let it ruin my day. We have another crystal-clear blue sky morning here. The coffee tastes great. The dogs are outside chasing a ball and who knows what else. You never know what morning surprise they'll drag into the house.

The Nats are on at 1 and the back nine of the Masters is on after that.

I'll start worrying again tomorrow.

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Sasskuash said...

Your day is over- I just want to add to the list of players who were kept on the bench for "precautionary" reasons. JZimmermann, Jesus Flores, Chad Cordero, Shawn Hill, Scott Olsen...

I don't want to say it, but I'm very nervous until I see him back in action for a couple weeks.