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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Off to the ballpark

Should be an interesting late afternoon. Got some of the re-educating of my wife out of the way last night. Marquis. Kennedy. Rodriguez. She must have asked me "who are these guys?" 100 times last night as we watched Loss No. 2.

I just hope the weather holds. I got rained on way too much last year.

Not going to make as many games this year so I'm going to try and NOT stress over results. I just want to enjoy a nice, sunny afternoon with my family watching some ball.

Remind me of that about the fifth inning when I'm bashing my head against a railing somewhere.


Gus said...

Did you have fun?

Anonymous said...

I left you a voice mail after the bottom of the eighth. i don't understand why soon to be ex manager riggleman didn't pinch run for Nieves. the pinch runner would have been safe at second, leaving two men on and Nyger coming to the plate.

MikeHarris said...

Got your message once I recharged my phone.
Not sure who was left on the bench at that point but manager's are often very reluctant to take out a starting catcher - suppose the backup gets hurt?