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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MORE love for Livo

How 'bout those Caps? Oh wait, we're back to baseball.

Maybe instead of NationalsCapsFanboyLooser I ought to change the name of this thing to LivoFanboyLooser. Yes, I realize I gush about the guy a lot. Yes, there are two signed baseballs on my collector's case in the family room and he's one of them. Yes, I know I put a lot of faith in the guy because oh so many people think we're twins.

But I also really believe he's a good influence as well as a pretty good pitcher still. Great? Yeah, some days but not overall. He'll get lit more than once. I keep coming back to one thing, sounding way too much like Rob Dibble: He'll give you a chance to win more often than not.

The other thing I'm loving right now is the idea of Livo as Mentor. Kind of humorous that the Nats made a mentoring type of veteran one of their offseason goals and they had one under their nose (a big one, hard to miss) the whole time.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Jason Marquis is on the club - sticking to that for a while anyway. He's been around awhile and will sort things out.

Maybe Livo can help him, too.

The Post wrote about it and Mark Zuckerman did, too. Livo and Stammen have bonded. Did you see who gave Stammen a high five and huge smile as they came out of the dugout at the end of the game? Livo. They talked in the outfield on Sunday.

Unless I'm reading things wrong, the guy is a good influence. And how can you not love a guy who can still go out and soft toss his way to a complete-game shutout?

Livo might be the answer to the Caps' power play as well. I have that much faith in the guy.


Hendo said...

Or the answer to the penalty kill, anyhow. I can just see Livo working down the ice and quietly checking some ambitious Hab into next week. (But, please, not with the pitching shoulder.)

natsfan1a said...

Eh, I'm pretty much an all baseball, all the time type myself. As for Livo, well, he pretty much had me at "hello" and hasn't lost me to this day. Maybe I should change my moniker to "livofan1a." Nah, I'll stick with "natsfan1a." :-)

I'm liking the mentor aspect as well. I did notice that Livo was the first to high-five Stammen (and say something to him) after the win.

MikeHarris said...

Be careful - hockey can be addicting.

Craig said...

We're pro-Livan too. A great influence in the clubhouse.

Apparently Stammen and Livo golfed together, which became an teaching moment...