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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


OK, so Zim is NOT playing tonight and the worry meter is indeed off the charts.

I'm starting a pool, give your guess in the comments section - what day will Zim go on the 15-day DL? Not the retroactive date, the day the club actually makes the move. Add your guess on when he'll play again, too, if you'd like.

I should have made it my poll question for the week, and I would have had time considering how slow the Nats are about making these kinds of decisions. It will still be "a little tight, just a precaution" in a week or so when he finally goes on the DL.

Also, I won't be repeating this post this season.

I'm watching the Orioles now and they're about to fall to 1-8. They look awful. They drew 9,100 and change the other night. The hotshot new closer is already on the DL and, apparently, on the managers Sh** List.

I don't much understand it. I don't pay attention too closely but I thought the Orioles were putting it together a little bit last season. Their version of Greatness, Matt Wieters, is still on the club.

This is about to be an 0-6 opening homestand. They could have a crowd of 11 when they come back from the west coast.

I still like their hats.


WFY said...

Let's hope the Orioles luck continues. They can't be forgiven (or supported with ticket sales) for keeping the Nats off of most cable systems for 2 years.

Hendo said...

Like WFY, I'm crying a river for Peter Angelo$, not.

That doesn't acquit the Nats of guilt for stupidities during their stay in D.C. thus far, but one hopes Rizzo will continue the rebuild (and get a truly international scouting operation going) (AND get Bryce Harper signed).

WFY said...

It magnifies the Nats stupidities.

bdrube said...

I've always said that Baltimore should serve as a reverse example for the Nats. I was Ravens season ticket holder from the start. When that team first came to crabtown in 1996 they very much played second fiddle to the Orioles. The birds were good, the Ravens were awful and the city was colored Black and Orange.

Flash forward 15 years and the Ravens now OWN Baltimore. Combine a decade-plus of O's futility with Superbowl victory and a decade of competitiveness by the Ravens and the poles have completely reversed.

I am convinced the same thing could happen in reverse here in DC if the Nats became good enough to win the World Series while Snyder continues to drive the Redskins into the ground. It is hard to imagine the Skins being dethroned locally, but this town is DESPERATE for a winner.

Too bad we may never find of if my theory is valid.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

The Redskins became the Team in the late '60s with one!! trade Snead and a nobody for Sony. Hard to that in baseball. DC/RFK was sold out after that long before Allen and GibbsI. Boz still thinks the Orioles are on right track but alway thought NATS would "get there" ahead of them.

If things get worse, Zimm goes on DL this Friday, the 16th.

Sec 204 Row H Seat 7 said...

I retract my prediction as Zimm pinch hit today and the NATS won!! 7-5. Olsen was good. Clippard won and Capps is 4-4 in saves.

MikeHarris said...

Not only pinch hit but knocked it out. Had to - can't run full speed!!