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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Sucker's Bet

A few random thoughts on a sunny (for now) Monday a.m.

*Last year, I took My Son The Braves Fan to Atlanta for the first weekend series of the year as his Christmas present. We had a blast despite the 0-3 showing (or 3-0 if you're MSTBF). It seems Washington and Atlanta played 30 times in the first 20 games of the past two seasons. In mid-March, we were planning our attacks on Nats-Braves games and I noted the abundance of playoff teams in Washington's first 20 games.

"Wow, that could get ugly," my son said. It could, I agreed. So he offered me a bet: The Braves would have twice as many wins as the Nats after 20.

We're not to 20 yet but the Nats have 10 wins. I haven't paid too much attention but I don't think the Braves are 20-0. Didn't the Braves just get swept by the Mets?

I love it when I don't have to wash my own clothes for a month.

*Yesterday's game was why I ranted about Scott Olsen being sent out in favor of Garrett Mock to start the season. I noted and several others reminded me that I was really splitting hairs. Does it matter? Take yesterday and take also Olsen's game against the Braves last July - yes, it does matter. Have we seen anything close to that out of Mock on his best days? Olsen needs to be closer to that level a little more often but the odds of getting a well-pitched game are much better when he's on the mound over Mock.

*Cribbed from The Sporting News, our old friend Mike Bacsik and Twitter prove to be a bad combination.

*Hit my magic mark again in last week's poll thank you very much. We got 103 votes and 38 think Adam Kennedy will be the surprise player this season. Ian Desmond got 20, Willie Harris 19, Mike Morse 14 and Roger Bernadina 12.

Poor timing for Morse and his injury. Not sure how close he is to being ready but do you want to disrupt things now? Who goes out to bring him back?

New poll going up as soon as I get this posted. Maybe I'll get greedy and start begging for 150 votes.

*Clicker night, with the Caps going and the Nats in Chicago. Caps need to close it out tonight. Is Alexander Semin really FLop without the attitude? Or does he have attitude? Where's he been during the playoffs and who is that wearing his uniform?


George Templeton said...

Alexander Semin is more talented than FLop and often more interested. His attitude is far worse. Nicely done on the bet with your son!
Maybe starting the year in the minors got Olsen's head out of his keister, I don't know. Whatever happened with him, I'll have more please.
3-week MVP is Livan Hernandez!

Gus said...

I voted Livo, but would have voted Willingham if he was on the list :)

Sec3 said...

Who's the only man on the list who goes by one name only?
I rest my case.

MikeHarris said...

That, Sec3, is a great point.