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Friday, April 9, 2010

You can re-tweet, can you re-post?

I think back to my post from earlier this week while watching this awful display of alleged major-league pitching in New York.

Yeah, I know Scott Olsen didn't exactly tear it up today for Syracuse. I'd still rather have him out there over Garrett Mock 10 times a week.

To their credit, Bob and Rob aren't holding back in the booth. I get the sense lots of people are getting tired of watching Garrett Mock not get any better.

I'm still eager for the explanation of how an 0-4 spring with a high ERA earns someone a spot in the big league rotation. I'm not so sure it should earn you a spot in Syracuse.

I'm very willing to bet there are 4-5 guys in Syracuse right now who would be less painful to watch.


Gus said...

I don't understand how a pitcher can't find the strike zone... I mean, it's all they do. These guys don't have to solve the middle east crisis or rid the world of cancer, all they have to do is throw a ball in the right place,and Mock can't do it.

Gus said...

and as for Kennedy... HIT THE BALL! How is this guy batting behind the Hammer while Desmond hits at 8??

bdrube said...

Even better, you gotta love that bullpen. We're carrying eight relievers, at least half of whom have no business being on a Major League roster.

Mark said...

Steve at FJB hates Olsen. His reply to my comment supporting Olsen mentioned the Charlie Brown/Lucy kick-the-football gag. Keep trying...

But I think this holds true for Mock more. We keep putting him out there, he keeps landing on his butt. Olsen, at least, has a mediocre season under his belt. And he's younger. Who cares if he smokes. Call him up.

Cant hurt. He'll be replaced or traded by season end.