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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Floating what? Loose what?

I am not a doctor. I don't even figure out what's wrong with me, let alone other people. I'm easily confused.

But I'm really confused by this issue with Jason Marquis and his elbow. He has stuff floating around in there? He won't need surgery? This stuff is just going to dissolve if he doesn't pitch? It's going to float somewhere else? Or is it going stop floating and settle in for a nice rest while he rests, only to shake it up and start floating when he pitches again?

How do you get these floating whatevers the heck out of there?

Years ago, I had some stuff floating it my right knee. Cartilage is what it was, thanks to a softball injury. Yep, softball. I'm not manly enough to get hurt playing football. I was told I might be OK forever. Or I might have one of those pieces float somewhere it shouldn't and cause all kinds of problem if it did.

I would think stuff floating around in an elbow that is used for pretty strenuous stuff like pitching might be a problem, too, if not removed.

But what do I know?

Will we see Wang pitch before we see Marquis again. Who is this cat pitching tomorrow, speaking of elbows? Is the first round of the draft ever going to end? It seems as if the guy the Redskins picked is in his third year in the league already.

I do know this. The Nats will win tonight. Book it. The Caps and the Habs have played four games thus far and the Nats have won all four. Nats fans needs the Caps to win the Stanley Cup, with every series going seven games. That gives the Nats 28 wins.

Naw, forget that. The Caps need to close it out tonight.

Meanwhile, I'm headed to WebMD to figure out this elbow mystery.


Dave Nichols said...

he will need surgery at some point. it's inevitable. the team is dragging their feet in hopes he can get through the season and have the surgery in the off-season.

Atilano is a Tommy John survivor, two years removed. he is 2-0 with a 1.64 ERA at Syracuse. it's his turn on Friday anyway.

thanks for the comment on the other site. I've got some things planned, but at this point, we haven't even been doing this a week.

WFY said...

A softball injury isn't shameful.

When I was in college I temped in an office that had three different people miss time due to softball injuries in one week.

A kickball injury would be humiliating though.