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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Livo and other scattered thoughts

Clearing a pretty uncluttered mind after an off day:

*Give Me Livo or Give Me Death! I've put on a suit of armor to prepare for the attack of those smarter with numbers. I'm sure there are a million new-fangled stats and reasons to say I'm crazy. Well, crazy this: If I'm told I can pick one Nats starter to throw a game to spare my life, until The Man arrives I'm going with Livan Hernandez. I may be dead by the second inning because when he gets lit, he gets lit hard. I'll take my chances. More often than not, to use a RobDibbleism, he gives your team a chance to win. What, six of eight quality starts last season in Washington? And his first outing this year was by far far far far the best the Nats have seen. I love watching the guy pitch. If he gets torched his next two outings, I'll say the same thing. I'm tired of watching guys who get all flustered by the first bad break. Stuff happens. Sack up and deal with it. Livan is the same guy whether he throws a perfect inning or gets taken deep three times.

*Results of the previous poll, which drew 97 votes (SO CLOSE): The Man didn't get as much love as I thought he would in the winningest pitcher poll. I didn't think he'd get the most votes but I thought it would be close. It was not. John Lannan got 45 votes, Jason Marquis 18, The Man 14, Livo 12, Craig Stammen 7 and "A Reliever" got 1. I voted for Strasburg and I'm sticking with that. A new poll will be up shortly after this post is posted.

*Has Elijah Dukes been picked up by anyone yet? No wiseguys, I mean a baseball team and not a random law enforcement agency. I don't think he has but I may have missed it. The thought came to me recently when I read one of Brian Oliver's always-outstanding reports at and noticed Glenn Gibson was back. He's the Class A pitcher Washington gave up to get Dukes. He's still a Class A pitcher, which appears to be more than Dukes is at this point.

*If Ryan Zimmerman doesn't play tonight, my worry meter will go into overdrive. I don't want to hear, "Well, he's feeling better but it is a little cool out so we'll give it another day." We've heard that line before. If it is minor, he'll be back tonight. If he's not back tonight, it says to me there's more concern than they're letting on and we've seen how that's worked out way too many times.

*Passing along as a public service:

Children’s National Medical Center is proud to partner with The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation to encourage area baseball fans to support children with diabetes. A portion of every ticket sold at for the Sunday, April 25 game between the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers will help Children's National Medical Center create a world-class Diabetes Care Complex. For every $24 ticket sold through Children’s National Medical Center, $8 (one-third of the ticket cost) will go toward construction of the complex.

In partnership with the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, Children’s National Medical Center is building a new Diabetes Care Complex to provide expanded state-of-the-art, family-centered, and personalized care to children in the Washington region and beyond. By supporting the Diabetes Care Complex at Children’s National Medical Center, you will help provide the education, medical, and emotional support that children with diabetes need to lead healthy and happy lives.

In order to participate in Children’s National Day, tickets must be purchased through this link


Anonymous said...

your poll has several words that are spelled incorrectly or the wrong word is used. Please fix.

MikeHarris said...

Anonymous editor - you are quite correct, thanks. I caught that after I hit post, which is a little late. I can't even use no coffee as an excuse.
It won't let me fix after people vote, so I'd rather deal with my typo issues because I think people can figure out I meant Mike "Morse" instead of Mike More (though More would be a pretty cool last name) and "the" fan base instead of "than" fan base.

But it may bother me so much in an hour that I go fix it anyway.

MikeHarris said...

I couldn't even make it two minutes, let alone an hour. Drove me nuts.
Redone - if you were one of the three early voters, please revote!
Thank you to my anonymous editor.

Ryan said...

If we're being all editorial around here, there should be a "Big" in front of Willie Harris. :)

Big Willie is the man! Guess who I voted for...

George Templeton said...

I am Ian Desmond believer so I voted for Willie Harris.

Nervous Nats Fan said...

For the poll, do you mean surprise in a good way or surprise in general? This is an important distinction for me.

MikeHarris said...

I meant in a good way, though that obviously clear and I apologize.
Though I guess you can take it any way you want.