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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Twenty games into my personal viewing season, that's the Nats' record. THREE wins in 20 games. I was lamenting this to a friend after the game and we started added up the cost of doing 20 games. "Is it worth the money?" he asked.

Well, we do enjoy watching baseball. So that counts for something. But I seriously wonder a lot these days if it is worth the effort we're putting into it.

3-17. THREE-17.

I might have switched allegiances mid-game if the Orioles hadn't botched their Markakis jersey giveaway. We went to the museum next to the stadium this afternoon (highly suggest it if you are ever up this way). We got out and I went to navigate a long line at will call to leave tickets for a friend who was tied up in traffic. I told my wife to go ahead in, no need for two of us to stand there.

She got a jersey. I got in at 5:20 for a 7 p.m. game and did not. They had 10 grand age 15 and up there already? I doubt it. One of the gatekeepers told us to go straight to another game. He told a bunch of people that because they were already there by the time I got to said gate. They wouldn't give us a jersey, even though they had quite a few left at this gate. Even though we did what we told. Orioles' customer service reps basically said tough tootie. Several folks were extremely upset. I just said oh well and found my seat. If I'd had that jersey, I might have put it on and pulled a Specter in mid-game. Become one of those folks who yell "OH" during the National Anthem and all that.

Tonight's game was so Nats. Load 'em up in the first and get all of two runs, on walks. Load 'em up later and get no runs - my wife called it, groundout and then double play. The Orioles, meanwhile, get a couple on and this Reimold kid knocks it out. You think Josh Willingham is still frozen in left field, as I type, trying to find the ball. He might have been the only one in the place who didn't know that was out.

Someone explain to me the pitching move in the seventh. Why take Tavarez out then and bring in Beimel? Tavarez is pitching just fine. He can't finish that inning? Let's say, miracle of miracles, the Nats manage to take a lead in the eighth. Well, your eighth inning guy has already thrown in the seventh. At the time, it was still a one-run game. Of course, another Orioles blast soon left the park. One-run game no more.

Maybe they'll bring Stammen in for the eighth in future games. Interesting move, sending him to the pen. I'd send Olsen to the pen for a while but no one asked me. Who's out? My money is on Mr. Perfect, Jesus Colome. You put 'em on base, I'll let 'em score.

Sunday's game is a hat giveaway and they say they have 20,000 of those. Maybe I'll actually get one. Maybe I shouldn't take it. Another game like Saturday's and I could be changing hats by the fifth inning.


Deez Nats said...

Who wants an Orioles jersey or hat,anyway? They sell toilet paper at the store.

An Briosca Mor said...

Last year in a 59-102 season I attended 30 games. The Nats were 16-14 in those games. Go figure.

This year, no such luck. 4-10 so far, and it would be worse if I counted the couple of rain-delayed games in my plan that I either didn't hang around to see or never went in the first place.

Tim Taber said...

HI Mike...

I am doing better then you my friend. I am 3-3, but have havent been to as many games as you have this year.


Sam said...

So I assume your group tumbled into the harbor or got stuck on the Constellation or something before today's game.

Could you possibly have seen your fourth win?

MikeHarris said...

I saw it - we're now 4-17! Woo hoo. Didn't post right away because I had to drive home.

Dunn's homer almost nailed some guy on that walkway.

MikeHarris said...

Oh, to ABM's note: team was 12-10 with me around last year. I saw the sweep in Seattle, which helped.