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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just got home

mostly dry by now. LONG day of driving, sitting around at ballpark, spending money (you are welcome Uncle Stan), NOT seeing baseball. No chance of that with the weather, I understand. It took until 11 to make that call?
More later. Probably shouldn't post when I'm tired, wet and ticked.
At least I get to see two tomor *** uh, later today.


bdrube said...

My wife and I turned around when we got to the top of the escalator at the Navy Yard Metro at 7:00 and saw that M Street was flooded up to the hubcaps of cars driving by. The rain had almost stopped, but one check of the mobile radar clearly showed another huge unbroken line of storms was on its way.

They didn't call it until 11:00? With Metro closing down at 11:30? What a crappy way to treat the (few remamining) fans.

MikeHarris said...

Yeah, I was not happy. Three of the people I hung out with in the Red Porch had phones capable of pulling up radar. It doesn't take a genius to read one of those things.

Not long before they called it, the umps came out to check the field. It is in team control until the game starts. My hope is one of the umps looked at Uncle Stan and said, "We'll bang it as soon as a pitch is thrown." A friend watching on TV sent me a text message saying Stan looked "heated."

Simon Oliver Lockwood said...

I believe that in cases where the visiting team isn't coming back to the city, the pre-game decision is in the hands of MLB.