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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congrats to the Wahoos

A shoutout to Ryan Zimmerman's alma mater, which I'm sure will put his generous donation to good use.

After witnessing today's buzzkill against the Mets, it was nice to switch over to ESPN and watch a tough, scrappy team pull itself out of a hole AGAIN and earn its first trip to the College World Series.

This O'Connor cat is one coach worth watching. Has there ever been a case of a guy going from the college level to managing in the majors? Just asking.

As for today:

*That's a month without an RBI from Austin Kearns. A month. Is Willingham still sick?

*I still wish the team had signed Livan Hernandez. I know, against the rest of the world, he's actually mortal. It's the Nats who make him look like Cy Young. I just love watching the guy pitch.

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