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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

to all my fellow Dads out there. Already heard from one child as she starts her shift managing at the Ruby Tuesday across from the P-Nats' stadium (go see her!). Other child is on a river somewhere trying to catch smallmouth bass. I'll hear from him later.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this whole new-media thing a lot lately in light of the Nats opening their arms to us blogging types. I got a kick out of Adam Dunn's admission that he didn't know what a blog was - refreshing, actually.

I stumbled across this column by Sally Jenkins in the Post today, talking about her legendary father and his introduction to Twitter. I got a kick out of reading it and, yes, I'm one of Dan Jenkins' followers.

Sally is one of the best columnists in the country and has the awards to show for it. Dan is very much a legend. His books are classic. Semi-Tough got more love but Dead Solid Perfect is a better read. Do yourself a favor and find a copy. There's a segment where two guys create a fake football team to try and scam some gambling friends. It may be the best thing ever written.

Yeah, this is all unrelated to the Nats - who could make my Father's Day even sweeter by pulling off the sweep. Sorry. I thought it was worth sharing.

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