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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Batting a thousand

Just got home after a long, interesting and not all good day. More details to come.

One thing jumped out at me on the ride home - hearing that Jesus Colome has now inherited nine runners. And nine runners have scored. That's some mighty fine relief! He's perfect.

Clippard anyone? Isn't it time to make that swap and see what Clippard can do? What's he going to do to be worse than Colome, let guys not on base yet score, too? Oh wait. Colome did that tonight as well.

Fun game while it lasted.


Ben said...

To be fair to our guys, and that's hard to do, Willie Harris had a lot of ground to cover in between the human statues. And Guzman's range remains poor. Discerning the difference between rotten pitching and rotten defense is never going to be possible until we make strides to fixing one or the other.

I agree that putting Clippard in is a necessity but, given he is a finesse pitcher I can't see that he is going to help because no one will be able to field the balls that will get hit due to his pitch-to-contact style.

MikeHarris said...

Good point. You pitch to contact, that means someone has to actually field the ball.

A caller on the postgame last night had an interesting description of Josh Bard's throws to second. I think the word he used was "float. So the Nats can't field and can't throw anybody out.

Dunn trying to gun the runner at third last night had me banging my head against a rail.