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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You turn your back for a day

and all heck breaks loose! Well at least minor heck. Just got back to my room for a brief break and read about the trade. Some thoughts:

*Overall, eh? Doesn't excite me.

*Who goes out? Two major leaguers coming in, one going out. Someone has to go. I haven't read that yet. Is this it for Kearns?

*Morgan for Milledge may be an upgrade in some areas but where did all this potential of Milledge go that two teams have basically dumped him? Is it not there? Is he a head case? Is Morgan an upgrade over Willie Harris? Does Morgan play every day? Is this basically just addition by subtraction? Questions, questions, all I gots are questions. Does anyone have the answers? Of all nights not to be able to watch the pregame show.

(Chico has since noted that the move will be made tomorrow and an outfielder will likely go. Has to be Kearns, doesn't it? Also, Morgan will bat leadoff and play center. So he's better than Willie??)

*The Hanrahan equation here seems like one of those change of scenery things. I'm still convinced Hanrahan has what it takes physically to be a quality reliever. The rest of it is the big question. A huge question. I know nothing at all about this Burnett cat.

I'm going out again soon, will miss tonight's game. Wonder how much will hit the fan while I'm gone.


Dave Nichols said...

Morgan is a legit defensive center fielder who will hit arond .275 amd OBP .340 with no power. he can flat fly. he turns 29 on Thursday. he'll upgrade center field this season while the Nats try to figure out what to do there going forward. on a contender, he's a 4th OF, defensive replacement and pinch-runner.

for the rest of the season, though, he'll hit leadoff and start in center.

my guess is Harris goes back to utility, and Belliard is DFA'd.

An Briosca Mor said...

Dukes has options, they could send him down. But I'm hoping it will be Kearns or Belliard. Just glad to see Milledge and Hanrahan gone, so if all it is is addition by subtraction, that's good enough for me!