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Friday, June 26, 2009

Settled in Baltimore

Of all the things that went right tonight (or this a.m.), probably the best thing was making Baltimore an hour after the last pitch. We parked in "The Yards" lot and had no trouble making our escape. Smooth as silk. Sickos that we are, we'll see all three games this week here, head home for a few days and see all three next weekend against the Braves.

I have some business in Florida early this week, Ft. Lauderdale in fact. While the Nats are there. Hmmmmmmm.

Veteran observers that we are, my wife and I came to a conclusion on the short drive. We didn't do statistical research to back it up. We have decided that we think Zimmermann is the Nationals best pitcher.

Dibble always talks about trusting your stuff and dealing with stuff when it goes wrong. Zimmermann seems to have both of those under control. We enjoy watching him throw.

How much of a hurry were the Sox to get out of there tonight? Send up the pitcher, end the game on a pitch that's 12-feet high! They did that for you, Tyler.


bdrube said...

Just as Lannan delivered a signature performance againt the Yankees announcing that he really is a big time pitcher, J-Zimm did the same against the Red Sox. These two should form two-fifths of the rotation for years.

If Strasburg signs and Detwiler continues his development, suddenly the Nats have the potential to be scary good in the starting rotation in a year or two.

And Aaron Crow can kiss our collective behinds!

MikeHarris said...

I hope he enjoys Kansas City.