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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trivia question

What's it called when you score more runs than the other team?

Wow. It can happen. Fun game to watch, hell of a ninth inning.

SON: I consider a home run much more likely than a ground ball here.
ME: Home run that, punk! Game over.

I did have visions of the throw to first ending up in a dugout.

Standings in our house since June 16:

Nationals 1-0
Braves 0-1

Lord how I wish there were many more nights like this.


George Templeton said...

This win took me back to June 2005 and some of the hearstoppers Corder nailed down for the Nationals then. It's fantastic to watch these young starting pitchers battle and get better. Because of them, I can harbor hope that my prediction will come true!

MikeHarris said...

And that prediction is??

George Templeton said...

My prediction which you laughed me out of the room for making last year. That the Nats would make the playoffs by the next presidential election.