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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Those crystal balls

Not the prediction kind. Since most of us saw this as a 70-win team, we were way off. Only 55 to go!

No, I'm talking about the season-ticket-holder gift Dan Steinberg writes about in his current edition of the Bog.

The one pictured has no "r" in holder. Mine has an "r" in holder. Mine is just fine.

It is curious that some clearly have no "r" and some do. I wonder how many of the mistake variety got out the door. Is anyone checking that stuff? Do other teams have the same kind of uniform/bobblehead/crystal problems and we just don't hear about them?

One ball getting out the door like that shouldn't happen but it isn't as bad as the entire lot of them being wrong.

Anyone get a "holde" ball?

1 comment:

An Briosca Mor said...

So far we know of one ball that had the typo. Easily could have been photoshopped, or perhaps the ball itself was altered. Or it could have been a factory second - that happens. Clearly not the big deal the Post is making out of it.