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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Welcome to the home of the moot point polls, where decisions are routinely made before the polls end. Oh well, never said we were scientific here at NationalsFanboyLooser. Gallup I ain't. I'm not even THAT Harris.

Results of the minors/majors thing on Strasburg were not at all surprising. It got 31 for minors if he signs with relative speed, 14 for majors at some point. Since he isn't going to sign with relative speed, it doesn't really matter. He'll debut in the fall instructional league, after they trot him out on Aug. 18 to take a bow in front of 12,000 or so Nationals fans. The Red Sox will be gone by then, won't they?

Strasburg IS going to get signed, isn't he?

The manager's poll was split, though I imagine we won't have to worry about that until the offseason. And while I've posted my thoughts, I'm fine with no change until then, too. IF that's what Uncle Stan really feels is best. IF he thinks a change was best before and he put it off to spite a media report, I'm disappointed. But I don't think he operates that way.

Bobby Valentine barely nipped Someone Else with 15 votes to 13. Tim Foli got some love from eight voters, Buck Showalter from 7 and Pat Listach from none. Some points:

*A friend covered the Valentine Mets and loved him, said he'd be great for this team. Didn't exactly explain why but assured me I'd love him, too. I'll take his word for it, though he wouldn't have been my choice here.

*Someone Else could mean someone specific or "I just didn't like the choices listed." If you voted for ol' SE and had someone specific in mind, please use the comments section to tell us who and why. We thank you.

*Buck Showalter, late of Seinfeld fame, is pretty intense. Not sure about the patient part. I've heard it opined that a very strong personality may not be a good fit for Uncle Stan. Not true. Despite his arrogance and strong personality of his own, he'll do just fine with anybody who wins. Unless he's changed dramatically over the years, winning was always the key part for Uncle Stan. Bobby Cox, stoic as he may be if an umpire isn't involved, is a pretty big personality. So is John Schuerholz, who scored higher than Uncle Stan on Facebook's "How Arrogant Are You?" quiz. I wonder if Uncle Stan ever talked to Schuerholz just to see?

*I know zip about Tim Foli. If a voter of Foli wants to explain in the comments, I'd appreciate that. I know he played and I know he's in Syracuse now. End of my knowledge base.

*No votes for Listach, which isn't surprising. Readers with long memories will remember me saying "the next manager is on that staff" when the new coaches were announced. I meant Listach. He had a rep as an "on the rise" guy when he was in the Cubs' chain. I haven't fallen in love with his third-base coaching but that's not indicative of someone's managerial skill. I do think he's a victim of timing/circumstances here. When someone unproven gets a chance and doesn't deliver, it is difficult to follow him with someone similar. The Nats' probably need someone proven as their next manager. Unless Manny manages to stay for 2010.

Managers aside, as expected I didn't find the legions of Red Sox fans too offensive or rude last night. Maybe others did. I just found them EVERYWHERE. I was surrounded by them. Apparently, the "standing room only" spot was right behind my seat because I had a ton of people standing right behind me. I did get a kick out of a couple of Soxers calling Pedroia "Pedy." Pedy? C'mon.

Sox buddy of mine to me via text in the eighth inning: I LOVE this Nats bullpen! Yeah, dude, I bet you do. How would you like a couple of them? Send that Delcarmen cat over and we'll throw in Colome, Wells and Hanrahan along with Nick Johnson.

I was reminded of one thing I hate about full stadiums - people up, down, up, down, up down with every single damn pitch. Hard to see much of anything. If you can't have the courtesy to wait until between innings AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL THE AT BAT IS OVER. I'm stunned at how many people just get up and move out, making countless others move, with two on, one out and a 2-2 count. SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE GAME.

OK, that's enough. Off to think of another worthless poll. I'll catch the game tonight with Rob and Bob and be back in the house tomorrow for another round of "is there another Nats fan within my field of vision?"


Chris Needham said...

Pedy, Like Ped-E?

Pedroia's brother was charged with some kiddy sex stuff during the offseason. Dunno if that's a play on that or what.

MikeHarris said...

Really? I didn't know that. Wonder if he hears about that in New York.

These were Sox fans so I doubt they were getting on him - it was more of a Peed-y thing. The guy is a pretty good player. I think he deserves something better than that.

MikeHarris said...

Sentencing next week:

Ben said...

In other news, our defense is continuing to make a reasonable pitching staff look poor.

Anonymous said...

I voted for someone else and had Manny Acta in mind.

An Briosca Mor said...

At the Tuesday night game there were four twentysomething guys in the row in front of me. Red Sox fans of course. When they announced the Presidents Race, one guy says "Hey, how many Presidents they got? Four? I say George. Who else is in?" as he pulls out his wallet and extracts a bill. One of the other guys says "I'm in - I'll take Roosevelt."

If he hadn't have been a Sox fan, I would have told him. But instead I just sat there and grinned. It's been a while since I've actually enjoyed the Presidents Race.

Ryan said...

I agree, Mike. I thought the Sox fans were by far more friendly and less crappy than I expected. Way better than the Phillies fans.

Victor said...

Throwin' in another thumbs-up for the Sox fans. I don't mind them cheering for their team and they seemed to know baseball. Had one guy with that peculiar Boston sense of "humor" where he asked me, "You keepin' scaah?" I looked at my scorebook and nodded; he asked, "Who's winnin'?" I don't think he was being obnoxious; I think he was just making a dumb joke. Later on, he let kids use his binoculars, and he talked the ears off of the people sitting around him, but for the most part he was cool. They are no where near in the same league as Philly, Mets, Yankees, or (to an extent) O's fans are.

Sean Hogan said...

Congrats on Maynor getting drafted!

DMan said...

New stadiums are not about watching the game. Gotta sell those concessions. Lord forbid people have any manners or courtesy anymore. People also get up leave any old time at football games rather than at least waiting for the teams to huddle.

MikeHarris said...

DMan - our seat mates last night talked about that at football games. Said it drove them crazy.

I can't remember the last NFL game I saw live.