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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some thoughts while waiting

I suspect we'll know something soon. If the FOX report is true, my guess is the move will be made after today's game. I have my thoughts on the sources and I'll keep those to myself for now. But there can't be too many in the Nationals organization who would know if such a move is coming.

As to the replacement - I've pored over a lot of the posts on Nationals Journal and elsewhere and they throw out some good thoughts. Here's mine: If the person the brass thinks should be the manager of the future is available now, bring him in now. Tim Foli? Find someone else to manage in Syracuse and let Mr. Foli get started. Buck Showalter? Who knows? Just bring him in now.

There's a risk in giving an interim tag to Jim Riggleman if he isn't seen as the man, and I can't see how he could be given his career record. Suppose, just suppose, the team gets it together? Suppose it pulls a 50-31 half? We've seen it before. The Rockies made a change and they've won about a million in a row.

If the team goes .500 the rest of the way, it would have just 67 wins. So if an "interim manager" gets the team to 75 wins, does it force your hand?

Interim tags stink. I had one of my own for a couple of months before I was promoted at the paper in Richmond. Fortunately, I had a crew of professionals working for me. Most had known me for years and they busted their tails. Still, we were all operating under that air of uncertainty.

IF the Nats are indeed about to make this change, they need to replace Manny with someone who will really be in charge. Not just a placeholder. Of course, the Nationals have a placeholder at GM. Maybe it is time to get rid of that interim, too, one way or another. Let's get a GM in place, let's get a manager in place and let's see if things will change.


George Templeton said...

I am not sure Buck Showalter is the type of person who wants to jump into a job during the season.

If I knew for sure that the Nats would get him after the season then I would be fine with Riggleman steering the ship until the end of the year.

Dave Nichols said...

problem is: if the guys you want is emplaoyed with someone else right now, you're not allowed to talk with him. which is reason one not to dismiss Acta until the end of the season.

Dave said...

Which is why it'll be Riggleman for the rest of the season, then a permanent manager.

Gus said...

Maybe the team is just interimly crap? The whole problem with interim anything is that it's spin. It's meant to make you feel like "this is only temporary". The issues with this team are permanent! The government here in Australia is currently running an "interim" budget deficit, FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS!