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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Glavine, and a question

The just-released Tom Glavine came up on Wednesday, one of many things discussed during the countless hours Uncle Stan drained us of our money before making the obvious call to postpone that game.

Should the Nats make a run at him? Makes sense, considering he's a big-time pro, he's smart and the Nats have some promising young lefties who can use that type of guidance.

Unless they're bring him on as a co-pitching coach, I say no. Glavine has enough savvy and moxie to win a few more games but overall, he's just a shadow of his former self and his presence would take up a spot for a youngster and not lead to enough wins to make a difference. He might well make an excellent pitching coach but I don't see him helping the Nats as an actual pitcher.

If what Glavine said is true (and I have no doubt that it is) - that Frank Wren told him he couldn't get people out anymore - someone ought to knock some sense into Frank Wren. It may well be true but you just don't say that to Tom Glavine. He deserves better.

Glavine, in my media days, was one of the best and most accomodating. I did a number of stories on him during his days in Richmond and in his early days in Atlanta. The last one I did was after the 1994 strike, when he became something of a villain and was booed in parks across the country. The fact that he is a good guy made him the bad guy. While most other players were hiding from and otherwise ducking the media during the strike, Glavine was always willing to share the players' side. Because of that, he became the face of the strike to many angry fans.

As for my question:

Let's go to the second game in the rain on Thursday. Willie Harris opens an inning with a triple and remains there for a short fly ball, a not-as-short fly ball and a strikeout.

Was any consideration given to sending him on the second fly? Risky, sure, but what the hell? The real question - was any consideration given to a squeeze bunt? It is raining pretty well by then and the odds of a deep fly are lower. Why not try something? It may well work. The line between aggressiveness and stupidity is very thin. At this point, does it really matter if the Nats fall on the wrong side now and then? Show a smidge of sack, please.

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An Briosca Mor said...

I'm all for bringing on Glavine if he takes Scott Olsen's place. Otherwise, no.