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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Business has taken me away from home for a couple of days, and away from TV and radio. Didn't see a lick of last night's game, which sounds like a good thing.

All-Star voting ends Thursday, I think. Looks like our main man Zimmerman isn't going to catch up and win the starting nod at third base. My guess is he'll make the team anyway. He remains the National with the most buzz.

The question - is that the right call?

I'm OK with it, though he's tailed off some. I think his 30-game hit streak, which was one of the stories of the first half (along with the Nats incredibly poor performance overall), earned him the spot by itself.

But what about Adam Dunn? What about Cristian Guzman? No pitchers deserve consideration. A small case can be made for Nick Johnson.

Or is this open and shut? Zimmerman, end of discussion?


Ryan said...

Guzman is the only other one who should garner consideration.

All Dunn does it strike out and hit home runs, although a handful have been meaningful.

10 days ago, I would have said Guzman. Now, I say Zimmerman.

What if each team was also given a ceremonial blogger spot on the all-star team? Would this blog earn the nod?

Dave Nichols said...

can you really send a guy to the ASG with just 18 RBI (Guz)?

if it's not Zimmerman (which i think it will be), i think it's Dunn (.257/.394/.513-19-53) or Lannon, if he has a .500 or better record the day they decide.

Deacon Drake said...

Guzman has a pretty batting average, but hasn't really offered much else to distinguish him on the same level as Hanley Ramirez. If 3 SS go, they will be Hanley, Tejada, and Tulowitzki.

Dunn's raw power numbers warrant mentioning, and he will likely be selected as a backup or the fan vote-it. Lannan, who has been outstanding in June, will probably get bumped from consideration despite 3-0, 2.19 in the last month.

The league can only justify two Nats.

bdrube said...

It's gotta be Zim. Face of the franchise with the 30-game hitting streak.

And the best part is, now that he's locked in long term contractually, him being an All Star won't cost us financially.