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Monday, June 1, 2009

Remember when?

For some reason, that old song "Re-mem-mem, Re-mem-be-member, Re-mem-mem, Re-mem-be-member when?" won't leave my head today.

So while we sit and wait for off-day news that doesn't appear to be coming, let's board the way back machine and go all the way back to June, 2005.

I remember back-to-back homestands where the team posted a 17-2 record. I also remember being present for both losses. Even when the team doesn't stink, I can't manage to see it win. The first of those homestands actually started May 30.

Chad Cordero saved FIFTEEN games in June. FIFTEEN.

That team spent 53 days - MORE THAN SEVEN WEEKS! - in first place. That team went 20-6 in June.

If this team goes 20-6 in June, it will still be NINE games below the .500 mark for the season.

Admit it. You're singing it, too. All together now: Re-mem-mem, re-mem-be-member, Re-mem-mem, re-mem-be-member WHEN!

Bring back Frank.


bdrube said...

Plus, we drafted Ryan Zimmerman that June, he signed immediately and began his meteoric rise through the minors to become the starting third baseman that September.

I attended the final two games of that second homestand. The 35,000 strong crowd on Sunday afternoon at RFK gave the team a long standing ovation as they high fived and walked off the field after the win.

That sure seems like a LONG time ago.

MikeHarris said...

I went up several times that September and NEVER saw Zimmerman. Frank insisted on playing Castilla every time.

Best game I saw was the 2-1 victory over Seattle, victory 9 in the 10-game streak. Patterson and Cordero were both on and sharp. A couple of young stars. I was so high I would have predicted a Cy Young for each of them that night.

Yeah, a LONG time ago.

An Briosca Mor said...

You actually miss having a manager who would break into tears during the post game press conference, and not blame inadequate lawn mowers for his team's defensive struggles?