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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I miss Flo

One of my Facebook friends posted something along the lines of missing Flores on his status update last night. I responded with a simple "Preach It Brother."

I miss Flo, too. The Nationals miss Flo, too.

I'm pretty sure Flores makes that tag early in the game. Hell, I'm pretty sure Bard MADE the tag but I'm pretty sure with Flores there wouldn't have been any question.

I'm pretty sure Flores doesn't sail the ball into the outfield trying to throw someone out at third. Probably no chance of getting the runner out but how about we not let him come home, too?

I'm pretty sure Flores inspires a tad more confidence when he's at the plate than either of the two current options.

I'm pretty sure Flores catches that pop up in the eighth, too, maybe even from the catching position. Love Ol' Nick but he has a history with pop ups. I was at the park in April when he dropped one against the Marlins. Didn't seem big at the time, Florida scored to make it 6-3. Then won in extra innings.

Just another night in NatsTown. Get your red on, indeed. Does getting red in the face from anger count?

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