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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Abridged version of drinking game

Here's the short version:

When Julian Tavarez comes in, leave the room and start drinking heavily.
Is Garrett Mock a Four-A player?

We had some house guests. My Son the Braves Fan had his girlfriend and some of their buds in to help him celebrate his birthday. They just headed back to D.C. so we walked them out, said our good-byes. Came back in and it is 11-2?? What the hell happened? Scratch that. I don't really want to know.

If Tavarez doesn't drive you to drink, sub in Villone and go from there. What's his ERA since he let in his first run? Of course, some shaky defense could well have been involved. I don't know.

All I know for sure is it's 11-2 and the kids drained every drop of booze in the house. Too bad. I was going to send some to Jim Riggleman.

UPDATE - Am I hearing this postgame right? Is Tavarez gone?? Sounds that way. Oh Lord, never mind. Kensing back up? Time to go drink again.


bdrube said...

I was at the game and this was the worst one I've attended in person yet. Alberto makes an error on a routine grounder and Mock goes to pieces before Tavarez breaks the camel's back with his miserable "relief pitching." All of this happens exactly one half inning after Morgan electrified the crowd by bunting for a hit, stealing 2nd and 3rd and scoring on a sac fly to give the Nats the lead.

Even the 20,000 Cubs fans in attendence were somewhat subdued given how big they won. Perhaps they were embarassed for us.

Anonymous said...

Is it too soon to start wondering if things really coule get worse?

bdrube said...

Anon - no, I don't think so, actually. Morgan was the only player out there today who played like he even gave a damn. After Soriano's home run, Soriano kind of showed Mock up by standing and watching it. When he came up to bat again that same inning I was waiting for Tavarez to nail him on the shoulder with the first pitch. Instead he threw it two feet outside and never even so much as brushed him back the whole at bat.

At least if Tavarez had hit Soriano, we fans would have known that SOMEBODY on this team cared enough to be angry.