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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More from MSTBF

That's My Son The Braves Fan.

First thing he does is propose another trade. Johnson and Willingham for Jordan Schaefer, Ryan Church AND, he emphasizes, Greg Norton. Uh, no.

In reality, I think the kid has become more of a closet Nats fan than he'd ever admit. Since I don't charge him rent (yet), that's a fair price.

We had the game on two TVs last night because I had some work to do in the other room. I heard him in there cheering, mumbling, grumbling and cheering some more. He also explained the whole buyers/sellers thing to his mother, trying to get her to understand why Johnson and Beimel probably ought to go and Willingham probably ought to not go.

She repeated her stance: Buyer or seller be damned, she's done if they trade Willingham. She'll use our season tickets to go boooooo. She still loves you, too, Nyjer. You didn't need to hit a home run to get back into her heart, though we'll take as many of them as you want to give us.

When it was all said and done and we were acting like this was a World Series team (only 49 more wins for a .500 record!), MSTBF told me my "blow it up" stance was not the correct one.

"They're really not that far away," he said. Keep the power core (he reads this blog). If you can't move Johnson, sign him for two more years. He's due some luck in the health department. With Nyjer up top, Flores back and maybe Johnson still in the lineup, it's a solid group.

Sign Strasburg (really genius? We Nats fans would have never thought of that), move a couple of starter prospects for some serious relievers and sit back and enjoy. He thinks Lannan and Zimmermann ought to be kept and any of the others ought to be fair game to be moved.

He never once said "we," though I think he was tempted. By this time next year, we'll have him.

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hleeo3 said...

Haha! Winning brings the closet Nats fans out. That's an interesting trade proposal. I would counter with Johnson, Willinghammer, and Beimel/Harris for Greg Norton, Tommy Hanson, and Jordan Schafer. I would give the Braves the choice between Harris or Beimel. I am struggling with this cause it's hard to lose Willingham and I think it will be hard to get Hanson. Just replace Church with a pitching prospect, mainly because I never really missed him...