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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A good day becomes better

For all the good of this afternoon, the best part came when we got in the car and heard that Colome had been DFA'ed. Bergmann up. Nothing personal Jesus. I have no doubt you are a fine guy. But when your ERA gets close to my age, it is time to go.
Oh, that and Brooks Conrad being exposed! So much for that 1.000 batting average Mr. Conrad.
He comes up in the ninth, two on, two out. My Son The Braves Fan said, "If he does it again, I will supervise the building of that statue."
No need.

Also, jog my old memory. This is a cut-and-paste from the story (and the great thing about the Web is it can be fixed, unlike print errors). Didn't Belliard hit a pretty sharp single to open that inning?

Washington was down, 3-1, when it was able to score against three Atlanta relievers. Left-hander Mike Gonzalez started the inning and couldn't find the strike zone, walking Ronnie Belliard and Josh Bard to open the frame.


bdrube said...

Okay, in retrospect keeping Hanrahan on the active roster long enough to get something of value for him in a trade sorta made sense. But what the heck took so long with Colome? He should have been DFAed a month ago.

Amazingly, with his departure there is currently NO bullpen pitcher left who was in the pen last year. At least one of Bowden's miserable legacies has been erased (though I wouldn't mind seeing Saul Rivera again at some point).

MikeHarris said...

The Rivera from last year, I agree. The one we saw earlier this year? No thanks.