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Monday, July 27, 2009


My timing is good for once in my life. I got home in time to see Slam No. 1 and was rewarded with another one an inning later.

The second one wasn't all the way out before my wife said, "They're not really going to trade him are they? If they do, I may never go back."

Josh Willingham has replaced Lastings Milledge AND Nyjer Morgan. Amazing what a couple of slams will do.

I sure hope the Nats do NOT trade him. He's under club control for a couple more years. He's pretty good. I'm pretty comfortable with a power core (and power corps) of Zimmerman, Dunn, Willingham.

I hope if they do trade him, the price has increased.


Gus said...

Just because I'm high after 3 W's in a row, can you add the Hammer to the poll?

bdrube said...

Even before this I was already of the belief that they should trade Dunn instead of Willingham, who is at least not a complete disaster in the field.

Ryan said...

This is the second time I've heard J Will referred to as The Hammer. When did that happen?

Wil Nieves said...

Your wife moved on from Nyjer pretty quickly given how well he's been playing recently. Does she have room in her heart for only one favorite player at a time, or could she squeeze two in (well, three, if you want to include me in the counting)?

Dave said...

@Ryan: "This is the second time I've heard J Will referred to as The Hammer. When did that happen?"

Happened in Florida, long before he was a Nat.

Ryan said...

@Dave....OK...why is that his nickname? Not like he's been hitting 30 HRs a year or anything.

Anonymous said...

A name like WillingHAM kind of lends itself to a nickname of Hammer. Baseball is not very imaginative in its nicknames. Kearnsy for Kearns, Z-man for Zim, etc.

Dave said...

@Ryan: Because his last name is WillingHAM. It's what you might call an optimistic fan-bestowed nickname based on his own name.

What, he has to be Babe Ruth to have a nickname like that?

Ryan said...

OK...I'm a dummy. Somehow, it NEVER crossed my mind tht the nickname played off the ending of his last name.

My bad.