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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That's - well, let's wait

I can't make up my mind on Stammen. I certainly don't see him in the class of the other two (Lannan and Zimmermann for those with short attention spans). They could be 2-3 in a rotation anchored by The Great One.

But does he have what it takes to fit in on the back end? Can he be a solid major league pitcher, not an inconsistent one?

It's easy to lean toward yes after a night like tonight. I'm not sure it is the right answer.

Now that news they just announced is not good: Balester up, Zimmermann to DL with some tenderness. Do we see him again this season?


Gus said...

Would rather have seen Clippard into the rotation and Zinicola up.

bdrube said...

Wow - I can't believe I posted a positive comment yesterday about a Nats player (Stammen) and he actually came through!

If Lannan can be a success while harldy striking anyone out, why not Stammen? I know it seems hard to believe that we might actually have two Greg Maddux-type crafty control pitchers at the same time...but this team is due to have a bit of good luck for a change.

DoubleH said...

It's amazing what a couple of curly W's can do for our outlook. These guys, Stammen in particular, are still learning on the job though and are going to have their ups and downs. I have to agree with the headline in this morning's Post about pitching and defense. With the one glaring exception last night, there has been some really nifty glove work the last two games. That sure helps the pitchers (especially "crafty control pitchers") look good.

Schruender said...

There might not be a reason to see him again - which is unfortunate for people who want to be entertained when they go to the park.

Hendo said...

You're right on it: If Stammen can maintain his consistency, he's absolutely a rotation candidate. I'm willing to give him time to prove my suspicion that he can keep it up.

(BTW, Lannan will have a bad outing or two before the season's over. Groundball pitchers work that way. That won't make him a bum.)