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Friday, July 24, 2009

Blow It Up!

News Flash, alert the media: NationalsFanboyLooser sets a record for the second straight poll. We had 64 voters chime in this week. My goal is 100.

No surprise in the results. A whopping 43 were in favor of blowing it up (save for a few key parts) and starting over. Fifteen think the pieces are in place, the team just needs a few tweaks. Six feel the team needs to stay the course, ALL IS WELL. That's higher than I thought it would be.

The week saw some highs (Lannan, Stammen) and some lows so I don't think the results were skewed by excess funk over what was happening on the field.

How to accomplish it all is quite a task, one I suspect IM (interim Mike) could achieve a little easier without the "acting" or whatever attached to his name. Maybe that's just me. The next week is going to be very interesting as we see who goes where all around baseball.

I was one of the "blow it up" voters. While there are a few players I'd like to see stick around, I'm open to just about anything at this point. One thing that has disturbed me more than I thought it would is the persistent rumor mill that Willingham will be traded. I guess that's because he'll bring a good return? He's become a pretty productive player and he's under club control until 2011. He's one I would have thought would be staying.

A Twittering friend in St. Louis, who works in media there, seems convinced the Cardinals are going to make a serious run at Dunn. Has not indicated what might come back the Nats way.

Is Willie Harris for Jordan Schaefer a dead rumor? Was it ever really a live rumor?

New poll going up. Tell your friends. Push me toward 100.


DoubleH said...

I voted for Lannan only because I had to vote for someone in order to play. My thought is that he is the closest thing we have to a proven big league ready starter at this point and that is hte hardest thing to develop. The reality is I don't think anyone is "untouchable" for the right deal.

Hendo said...

On the numbers it's Zimmerman. On sentiment it's Morgan. (Beware: Sentiment can beget years of regrettable contract extensions. Tread carefully.)

MikeHarris said...

As in why they're still paying Dmitri $5 million?

bdrube said...

I was a blow it up guy and I voted for Lannan in the poll, but I wouldn't trade any of those mentioned save Dunn. My second choice would be Morgan, but we need his CF defense at least until the young SPs get some seasoning.

I agree on Willinghammer as well. Keep him and trade Dunn. Josh may never be mistaken for a great fielder, but at least he isn't a complete disaster.

Anonymous said...

it's a tough poll but i took NJNY Morgan because: neither Zimmermann nor Lannan is a number 1 guy; Zimmerman is very good but he is not the guy from Tampa Bay (nor maybe even the Phillies guy) and defense up the middle is critical--NJNY over Flores.