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Monday, July 13, 2009

Letter TO the Nationals

Here's my brief response, not e-mailed out and available only to dedicated readers of my little blog:

To The Washington Nationals:

Thanks for the note. Now STFU and produce, eh? You've changed almost everything from the day you arrived. Almost all the players. The manager, twice now. Coaches. The GM (thank you for that). The improvement seen? None. Zero. Zip. We keep hearing how things are on the right track blah blah blah blah blah. How about showing us that? You act like you're the only organization in the world with good, young talent. You are not. So save the energy it takes to tell us how sorry you are things are working out this way. Put all of it toward fixing this mess and fixing it quickly.

Nice touch, leaving your new (interim) manager out of the press conference, by the way. Not that we'd want to hear from the man charged with trying to clean up some of this mess.


Owner of four (partial) season-tickets, a big gas bill and more "Curly W" clothes than any human should claim to own.


Softball Girl said...

My biggest gripe is that NO ONE SIGNED THE LETTER. Not Stan, not one of the Lerners. Just "The Washington Nationals Baseball Club." That's what I found particularly disappointing.

Ben said...

Well just so. Every time we change we're promised that THIS will be the big change that makes a difference. Yet we never seem to know what to do after. We got rid of Bowden, well and good. But it left Rizzo with no time to change his time, too preoccupied with the draft to scout available talent and in charge of a group of Bowden Toolsey-Tastic cast offs.

So now what? Does anyone think Riggleman can lead this team? Can they possibly believe another seat-warmer is the right decision? Can they honestly not have lined up a replacement?

The worst part of this is that it deepens the impression that we are headless chicken thrashing around to no effect. Which should do a lot of convince teams to deal with us, talent to sign with us and managers to want to take us over.

Hooray Nationals! We have done the inevitable with such incompetence that it looks like we make changes by accident!

I'm sorry I questioned you right to consider other teams. You would not be human if you didn't.

MikeHarris said...

Ben - I will stick with them for a while but I'd by lying if I said I wasn't disgusted about them being further away than they were when they arrived. How do you regress so much?
Unlike Manny, I do not have unlimited patience. Of course, I'm a lot older.

Gus said...

Whoever said blow it up and start again had it right. This is mismanagement at it's best. If Stan is running this ship like the Braves of the 80's we are in trouble, but it's freakin 2009. Management philosophy has changed over the past 30 years!