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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My return to the scene of the crimes

A friend sent me a message last night. He knew I was going to the game tonight and he wanted to warn me.
"Come late. Trust me on this one," or words to that effect.

One of my favorite parts of the night - seriously - is the intro video. I've seen more team intros than I care to remember. Some were simple, some complex, some well done, some remarkably stupid. One even involved fireworks. Indoors.

I enjoyed the one the Nats put together. It would be a lot more effective if the team wasn't brutal but you can say that about all of them. I always told my family, we can do whatever you want before the game but my one rule is I have to be in my seat for the intro.

NATS FANS - IT ALL STARTS -- RIGHT NOW! They play that music, Thunderstruck I think it is called. I enjoy the video.

Since Manny played a big part in it, it had to be redone. I figured they'd just shoot the same scenes with Riggleman and cut them in. Maybe they will eventually but my pal says it hasn't been done yet. They kind of just stretch the rest over the Manny parts.

Technology is grand. They had Dukes and Hanrahan cut out of there pretty darn quick. It can't be that hard to do this.

"It's not too bad if you never saw the original," he said. "If you did, well, it is bad."

Things usually go downhill after the intro. I'll be disappointed if they go downhill during the intro, too.

This will be my 25th game, three more than I saw last year. I will probably get to around 30. It's always tougher for me to get away in the second half. I've had three jobs now since the Nats have been around and all of them got pretty busy in August. Even this "un-job" I have now will crank up very soon.

Yes, you are correct if you noticed I haven't said anything yet about that crapfest of a game last night. I went to a memorial service yesterday for a 46-year-old friend of mine who died suddenly. Another reminder that, in the grand scheme of things, baseball doesn't mean squat. I listened to the first three innings on the radio - I do love baseball on the radio. I waited an hour after getting home before turning it on, hoping things would improve in my absence. They did not.

The only thing that's changed is the manager. And the intro video.


JayB said...


Don't you think one reason that the only think that has changed is the manager, is who the new manager is......Rigs has made a point of doing everything the same as Acta, he even sounds like him and says this is the goal.......Stan needs to get to him sand say that was NOT the goal. The goal should have been to be as different as possible....not because Acta was so wrong but because that is the point of change.

MikeHarris said...

I agree but there's a big question - what can he do, given his current collection of players?

JayB said...

I think they MUST DFA Kearns and Belliard ASAP. Young as well just to make the statement that those days are past. Hell Cory Casto could hit better than Kearns et al......DFA Tavarez as well....Estrada or whomever from AA would be better. They have way too much dead weight on the 25 man roster let alone the 40 man. Honestly I would fire Rigs today and say Acta light is not what we had in mind....our bad.

MikeHarris said...

Again, I agree. Are those his call or Rizzo's? Maybe he should push for them.
Kearns comes up last night and my son says, "Why? Why? Put me up. I could strike out and not cost as much money."
1 RBI since May 6?

Give him the roster overhaul and then we can turn our ire on Rigs.

JayB said...

Agreed....Kearns is done in baseball....he just says with every oz of his body language...I want to go home to my KY farm, sit on my porch and could the millions that will never run out as I buy a new on John Deer tractor each spring.

Blow up the roster today....just like last year, nobody is going to give us anything in trade for our cast offs.

Anonymous said...

5-6 yrs ago, maybe longer, it was when Dunn and Kearns were both still in the minors, I told a buddy who is a Reds' fan, Kearns will be an all-star, Dunn will be, at best, a poor man's Dave Kingman. Oh well, if I could pick them all, I'd be a MLB scout.

MikeHarris said...

Anon - you had company in that one. Lots of it. When Kearns became a Nat, I had about a zillion people tell me, OHHHHH. AHHHH. YOU WILL LOVE THIS!

JayB is correct. I sense a frustrated guy who knows he is done. I don't think he's a bad guy at all but, damn, 1 RBI since May 6.