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Friday, July 31, 2009

A long, frustrating day

Well, we found Pittsburgh. It wasn't that hard. It just took FOREVER. I don't think it is supposed to take 8 1/2 hours but it did. We ran into miserable traffic repeatedly and some of the worst rain we've seen. We didn't have tickets for tonight, though I did want to head over and do walk-up. Oh well, we'll see two games weather permitting.

Ah, but we won't see Nick Johnson until his MARLINS come to D.C. on Tuesday. I wasted time during the many flat-out stops by checking up on things. When my wife heard me curse, she thought it was over more traffic.

Nope. It had more to do with hearing NJ had been traded - that much I expected - for what appears to be a very shaky pitching prospect.

Wasn't there some talk of NJ going to Boston for Manny Delcarmen earlier in the season? How did we get from Delcarmen to Andrew/Aaron Whatever, a guy who is 5-9 in his second season in AA. A guy who has a losing record for his career. Yeah, he's a former No. 1 pick. So's Ryan Wagner. So's FLop. So's Kearns.

Shouldn't Nick Johnson bring back more than this? I wasn't expecting Hanley Ramirez or even Jorge Cantu. But Andrew/Aaron Whoishe? C'mon.

Maybe it is a wink deal. Maybe NJ told Rizzo to take any live body and he'll be back next year. We'll see.

No real thoughts on the Beimel trade. I do wonder how Joe Beimel brought back TWO prospects and NJ just one, though I know so little about minor league systems and prospect evaluations that I should just shut the hell up. I find it odd that the Nats were willing to take on a rehab case. Matt Chico can be his mentor.

I do know that I'm going out to eat and I'm going to two games this weekend and I'll try not to grumble the whole time. But it will be hard. Andrew Thompson? Or is it Aaron? What IS the guy's name? I'm looking at a story on that calls him Aaron (and has a picture that calls him Aaron, too). I'm looking at a blog entry from the Washington Times that calls him Andrew. The Post, I see, is calling him Aaron. I'll just go with Whatshisname Whatshisname.

This is a joke, right? I've been in Pittsburgh for hours, I fell asleep and this is a dream, right?

Did I also hear the Nats are paying Johnson's salary? Please, please someone tell me that's wrong. I'd rather see him in D.C. for two more months and then gone for nothing, frankly, if Andrew/Aaron T. is the best they could get for him.


David Blackwell said...

Hi Mike,

Longtime reader first time poster; I actually made the same trip with my wife (only took us seven hours). Where are you sitting? I'll stop by and say hi (I'm sitting in I think section 9 row J on the aisle right behind the visitors dugout tomorrow). Hope to see you there.

David in Lorton (that optimistic guy who can often be heard calling in to the post game show on 1500 AM after a Nats game)

MikeHarris said...

121. Row U or something. I'll be the big bald guy with the disgusted look on his face.

If you started in Lorton, you had a 100-mile jump on me.

Andrew Zivic said...

You're in Pittsburgh and you didn't let me know? I probably could have gotten you free tickets in the first level along the third base line.

MikeHarris said...

Damn, I still think of you as NY.
We got a good price, didn't get 'em for free.
E-mail me later.