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Friday, July 17, 2009

Survey says

With all the "excitement" and actual news of the past week, I somewhat neglected my latest poll. NationalsFanboyLooser is proud to announce a record 53 participated in the survey. We appreciate the hits.

Anyway, the fan base is willing to spend to get the Strasburg signing done. $20 million was the winner, with 21 votes (including mine). I sit here and type "seems reasonable" and shake my head. NO, it is not reasonable. It is an absurd amount of money for someone who has never thrown a professional pitch. I guess I mean "reasonable" in the context of the crazy way bonuses are spinning out of control.

$15 million was next with 15 votes. Eleven voters were willing to see it go as high as $25 million and six wanted to go "cheap" at only $10 million.

I guess I should also ask, "Do you think it will get done?" We're a month away from the deadline. I know some alarm was raised by Strasburg's comments at the All-Star game that he hadn't heard from the Nationals. Would he? Wouldn't the conversations be with Boras?

I'm fairly confident it will get done, though I must say if it turns out $20 million is NOT enough I will be angry but not at the Nationals.

I'll post a new poll this morning. It will be not "how worried are you about this latest Scott Olsen news?" But it could be.


Ben said...

I would have voted for 'everything is available'.

If you get value for Dunn or Zimmerman then they go too. That's why it's called a trade. Because you get stuff back.

DoubleH said...

I'd agree that nobody is untouchable for the right price. It just doesn't seem like there's much of a stomach among the buyers out there to pay retail prices this year.

I'd hold onto Zimmerman (even though his throwing errors are really starting to aggravate me) for no other reasons than he's signed long term and, purely selfishly, I just gave me 6 year old a Zim jersey for his birthday. I love Dunn at the plate, but let's be honest, he's a born DH and isn't signed long term. Both Guzman and Johnson would seem to be prime candidates for teams looking for hitting and aren't part of the future here.

As for Strasburg, I voted $20m as well. If the Nats offer him less and he doesn't sign, there will be a revolt. $20m - $25m it could go either way. If he turns down $25m, he's out of his mind and I say let him go and take the compensatory pick next year.

MikeHarris said...

My son repeated one of his Braves/Nats offers: McLouth and McCann for Zimmerman and Zimmermann.

You know, I might do it. Nyjer could move to left (since Willingham is about to be moved). Flores, I love, but I think McCann has a better bat (and is about the same age).

Get me Frank Wren on the phone.

DoubleH said...

So, you'd trade arguably the best young arm in the system for position players? I'm not sure I'd go there.

MikeHarris said...

Arguably is the key word. Is he a top of the rotation guy?
He's in the core I'd like to hold on to but, as others have said, everything is for sale.

bdrube said...

I agree that $20 million for Strasburg is absurd, but he'll be a lot cheaper way to potentially put fannies in the seats than shelling out $100 million plus for a top free agent this offseason, assuming any top free agent would agree to sign here.

Bottom line for me is simple, if they don't sign Strasburg I will not renew my season tickets. I'm tired of feeling like a sucker.

bdrube said...

P.S. - almost forgot, I am not at all worried about Olsen. He stinks. Even if his arm falls off, what have we really lost? Plus we'll save his salary next season.

Dave Nichols said...

after reading the words of Bud Selig re Strasburg the other day, i think we should all be concerned.

Ben said...


If I front you the price of a Flores t-shirt, and Zimm makes another error will you back trading him then?

Because on more error and I'm going to lose my mind. Getting your feet planted before you throw to 1st is learnable. Mr. Face-of-the-franchise-smugly-self-motivating should know that.

Also, I've reached my limit on Nat's fans convincing themselves that Zimm is the second coming and can illuminate the stadium with the light that emanates from his behind for the season. I'll be in love with him again by next June though.

DoubleH said...

Ben - It would probably take more than one more error to get me to pry it off the boy's back. (I don't think he's taken it off since Wed.) But, not much more. Is it just me looking for his unforced throwing errors now? Or, does it seem to be getting worse?

George Templeton said...

I hope $25 million is enough, but with Boras involved I am not sure. I voted for $20 mill.