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Thursday, July 30, 2009


The trading deadline during the year Soriano was a Nat came during our annual summer visit to New York. Wait, we didn't go this summer so I guess it can't be annual anymore.

I spent that afternoon in a bar watching the ticker scroll across the screen and texting with my son for updates. Yeah, I guess that fits in the category of "consumed."

Tomorrow, I'll be driving. Where else? To see the Nats. I take my no-life lifestyle to a variety of different places. I'm eager to see PNC Park and see if it can dislodge Safeco and Camden Yards from the top of my stadiums list. A friend said they sell good wings there and I love good wings.

So I suspect I'll have the ol' XM on the MLB new channel. But in case you hear anything, text me. Not that I'm consumed anymore or anything.

I have no clue what to expect. Interim Jim has been quoted as saying he doesn't think anything will happen. The market for the Nick-ster appears to have dried up. I sure hope the asking price for Willingham is sky high.

But we've all seen this season how reliable reports in advance can be. In short, not very. So there could indeed be some news after all.

If nothing else, I'll find out what's up when I get to the park.


An Briosca Mor said...

As I believe I've said here or elsewhere before, Rizzo does not appear to be looking for ways to blow up the current team, but rather for ways to (re)build a team. So the focus is not "who do we need to get rid of?" but rather "who can we get?" Almost everyone who's doing trade deadline analysis about the Nats has identified exactly where each of their so-called tradeable assets would fit best. In other words, they are trying to improve other teams by adding players currently owned by the Nats. Sure, these other teams need improvement and these Nats players would improve them. But what can these other teams offer in exchange that the Nats need? That's the operative thinking that none of these trade analysts is even bothering to consider.

Bottom line: If you hear rumors that X Nationals player is going to another team, discount them. When you start hearing rumors that the Nats are interested in so-and-so, then it's time to pay attention. The thing is, though, that the kind of players Rizzo and the Nats are looking to acquire are way under the radar. They're not big names. There's no buzz about them, which is why no one even bothers to try to dig up those rumors.

The Milledge-Morgan trade is a case in point. You never heard beforehand that the Nats were trying to deal Milledge. First you heard of it was that the Nats were trying to acquire Morgan. Once that rumor leaked, the deal fell into place quickly as Rizzo established the price he'd need to pay to get the guy he wanted.

If you're so consumed by the trade possibilities and if you still consider yourself a bit of a reporter, why aren't you trying to find out who is out there that the Nats are trying to get? There's your story.

MikeHarris said...

Well, I'm consumed as a fan. Not being paid to find out. Someone pays me, I'm all over this. The one story I did get, back in November, turned out to be dead on. Still waiting on that check.

Mike Bowers said...

Just have to throw it out there... It was nice to watch the whole game last night with interest (even though we lost), instead of the "I'll turn it on in the 4th to see how bad we were losing" rut I had fallen into. Its amazing how much just 4 wins made to my enjoyment. Looking forward to hearing about PNC.

Cheryl Nichols said...

Hey Mike. I don't think that the Nats will end up trading Johnson, Dunn or Willingham at this point. Like you said, the 2 or 3 main teams that had been looking for a first baseman already traded for one.

We will see you in Pittsburgh on Saturday. You'll love PNC Park. Safeco is still my favorite though - hard to beat the view of Mt. Rainier, ferries cruising in and out of port and bald eagles flying overhead while eating the most amazing variety of food and then shopping in the largest team store! They did it right with Safeco. PNC Park has nice views of city and river and has an intimate feel.

What is even more interesting....looks like Lastings Milledge will get the call tomorrow. Great timing.

Simon Oliver Lockwood said...

Too bad MASN didn't have time to rework their "Defining Moment" radio ad as of yesterday. It features the Nats / Pirates matchup as John Lannan vs. Freddy Sanchez. Oops :-)

An Briosca Mor said...

"Too bad MASN didn't have time to rework their "Defining Moment" radio ad as of yesterday. It features the Nats / Pirates matchup as John Lannan vs. Freddy Sanchez. Oops :-)"

That's okay. Before the Brewers series their ads were featuring John Lannan vs. Prince Fielder - or was it Ryan Braun? I forget. Point is, Lannan was the only starter not scheduled to pitch in the four-game series.