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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are we sure

that Austin Kearns' initials aren't really DP?

A guy out at third for the first out of the first inning (still love you Nyjer) and then a predicatable-as-the-day-is-long double play by A "DP" K in the second. This shapes up as a long afternoon.

Why is Mr. Mendoza out there again? Are Willie's olives still sore?


DMan said...

No, they are not DP, but I've nick-named him Autin "Instant Out". I repeat from my earlier post today, I am wearing my Chiefs hat every game I go to until AK's headed there. Hey, I'd even give him my hat! BTW - Struck out in the 9th. At least today's game was more like a mercy kill than last night's self-inflicted wound. Still like Detwiler - every pitcher gets roughed up every now and then.

MikeHarris said...

Detwiler needs to go down and get his jank together. He's been out of sorts several starts in a row. Bring up Martis or let someone else have a shot.

The Nationals Enquirer said...

Don't know about Kearns, but our anonymous sources with no knowledge of the situation tell us Ryan Zimmerman's initals really are "GIDP". The box score don't lie.

Wil Nieves said...

If Lannan puts his place up on Craigslist, will you be the first to respond?

I think your wife would understand you wanting to be closer to the ballpark.

El Rey said...

Acta's insistence on using Kearns in key situations is proof positive that both of them need to put on a midnight train out of D.C.. As for Z Man, he is in danger of becoming an average player at best unless a new manager is brought in who can help settle the kid down. Guzman, despite his batting average, needs to be sat down and humiliated for a couple of games for dogging it in the field. The good news - Nick Johnson is still not injured!