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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Right before yesterday's press conference, I had a "tweet" conversation/discussion on my Twitter account (MJHRVA if you are looking for someone boring to follow). I was hoping someone would ask Uncle Stan, "Are you next?"

No one did. But it is a legitimate question.

I'm on the record as being a fan of Uncle Stan, despite my love of making fun of his arrogance and general Uncle Stan-ness. I think he's basically a good guy who truly wants this to work. I covered him some in Atlanta and was an admirer of his work there. I applauded when he came to Washington. I don't think he's turned stupid.

But facts are facts and it is not working here. This team is moving in the wrong direction. Most of the coaches were changed. Then the GM left and then the holdover coach went and now the manager.

Who's next? If this team goes 50-25 the rest of the way, we're all dancing. If it goes 40-35, we're pretty darn happy. If it goes 35-40, we're probably not too steamed even though that means another 100-loss season.

But suppose it goes 25-50, which is quite possible? Or worse?

At what point is Uncle Stan's job on the line? How much does his small ownership stake complicate that?


bdrube said...

If Stan were to go, who does that leave then? Can't fire the owners, unfortunately.

Bad ownership is the worst thing that can happen to a franchise (see: Angelos, Peter and Snyder, Daniel). It means years if not decades of utter futility.

Dave Nichols said...

as stated elsewhere yesterday, Stan is not only team President, byut has money tied up in the project. it would be very messy divorce.

not to mention, the only reason the Lerners got the team from Bud Selig in the first place is that they were the only ownership group to accept Kasten as a partner.

this mess is as much Bud Selig's fault as anyone else's.

except Jim Bowden.