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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4-6 weeks?

Says Chico (the writer) in the NJ, Byron and Phil just discussed it, too.
Four to six weeks? I doubt it.
Any takers? My money is not again this season.
As much as that pains me (not to mention Zim), I'll go back to an earlier point that I'd rather they make damn sure and not rush back The Face of the Franchise. It isn't like his absence is going to cost the Nats a division title. They'll finish fifth without him just as easily as they would with him. It just won't be as much fun to watch.

Dukes in tonight. I'm very eager to hear this explanation. "What happens in Pittsburgh stays in Pittsburgh," Manny just said on the TV. Great line but I still think something should be done.

Hey, a brainstorm! A pool! What happens first - Zimmerman's return or the end-of-the-line outburst from Dukes? Double my money from above and put it on Elijah.

1 comment:

George Templeton said...

I will be hopeful and opt for Zimm's return. The Dukes thing is so unfortunate because he was starting to do good things for the team.