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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What a fine start we have here

I'm praying for some seriously heavy rain up thataway now to wipe this thing completely off the books. Told the wife when Lopez dropped the ball that should not have been thrown to him - that will hurt big.

Being a fan of this team is often very painful.

Anyone hear Ray on the pre-game saying he "sometimes" reads the blogs and newspapers? Said they get on them (the whole crew, I suspect) for being too optimistic. We don't know these kids.

I don't think I've ever accused anyone of being too optimistic. Maybe I have. Old age does strange things to the memory. I do know I'm optimistic when I have reason to be and I'm not very optimistic right now.

And just as I'm about to hit "post," we give away another out even though it won't count as an error. Give. Me. Strength. Some of these guys clearly came back from Arizona with their heads up their ass.

(Sudden thought - I'm not sure if they suspend these days or start over if it doesn't go official. Probably ought to look that up. If they suspend, hell, let's just go ahead and get it done).


Gus said...

Fire Lenny!

Sean Hogan said...

I was at the game (my ride chickened out at the beginning of the second rain delay). Wish they would have suspended it then =x Downright ugly!