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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are we whistling in the wind?

Interesting to read the comments today in Chico The Writer's Nationals Journal.

I've been a big fan of the NJ both under Barry and Chico's stewardship. Blogging is something just about every newspaper requires its writers to do these days and few do it as well as the people at the Post. I usually don't read the comments. It's not that I'm not interested. It's a time factor. I have to do SOME work!

A morning appointment got delayed today so I clicked and read a while. Wow. I'm clueless in general but I didn't realize the discontent ran that deep. I should have. This should not be a surprise.

I'm trying to figure out where I fit in with this. I'm frustrated and disgusted by the way this season has gone. Some are hurt, some are dogging it (well, some is a little strong. One is more accurate), some are playing like crap. I'm beginning to think the historically bad predictions for last season weren't so much wrong as they were off by a season. I fear 100 or 110 losses.

But I'm also trying to remain somewhat upbeat about the future. As much as I snark and gripe, I remain a fan who will wear a Curly W on my head until I die (and then I'll be buried in one). I haven't given a thought to not renewing my tickets. I may even upgrade.

I was not dazzled by our two glimpses of the future this week - Mock and Clippard. Is that the best we have to offer? I think not. But I also wonder: Is there a Cole Hamels somewhere down there? Is there a big-time hitter just waiting for the chance (Luke Montz to first base, you read it here again)? Can we count on JimBow to make sure the right players make it to Washington and the others help deliver via trade? I'm not at all confident there. I've met John Schuerholz, who was a master of figuring out which prospects to keep and which to trade. JimBow is no John Schuerholz.

Despite the way my constant bitching makes it appear, I'm pretty easy. Just give me a shred of hope. Give me some reason to believe my season-ticket status will one day lead to me being able to buy postseason tickets.

For now, the hope remains. You?


Sean Hogan said...

It's a shame we can't hire Schuerholz to be our GM. He's semi-local (born in Baltimore, went to Towson) and worked with Kasten before. Too bad he is the Braves President...the Nats' GM job would be a step down.

MikeHarris said...

For the right money, maybe not. But he's 67 and may not have another challenge left in him.

Gus said...

So the game against the Pirates has started well! Did LM just GIDP again? Did Reddign just give up 3 runs at the bottom of the first? I think frustrating is the word. There is only so long "we'll all pick up soon" will last.

Fire Lenny!

George Templeton said...

I do because judging this team now, when it isn't hole doesn't give you an accurate picture.
The record at the end of this year, but the record the Nats' minor-league clubs have will tell us where this organization is on the road to getting a winner. So far the news good on that score, but there is a long way to go yet on that.