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Monday, June 23, 2008

Dmitri's antics - yes or no?

Very interesting discussion on the pregame, which some of you may be watching.
They're interviewing Willie Harris after his home run yesterday and Dmitri is in the background just cutting up to beat the band.
They come back to the studio and Ray Knight pretty much takes him to task for it. Well, he comes down as hard as Ray comes down. I'm sitting here agreeing. You just got your asses kicked. Again. Act like it bothers you.
Then they go to Debbi Taylor and she explains that Dmitri's attitude is you have to forget it once the uniform is off. I don't necessarily agree but I can see that side of it.
Which side do you come down on?


Chris Needham said...

If Milledge did it instead of the fat, jolly guy, what'd the reaction be?

MikeHarris said...

Excellent point sir. Or Dukes.

Sec314 said...

At this point, I wouldn't mind if any of them did it. This team is bad. So at least they should not be boring.

Dimitri is fun. Dukes works hard and clearly wants to win. He's enthusiastic. I'd rather see that than a bunch of drones.

Simon Oliver Lockwood said...

Isn't that the sort of "Veteran Leadership" that was a key reason for Dmitri's extension?

Ahh, I don't care what they do after the game. I'd just rather they keep their heads in the game when it's actually being played.