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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I should have stayed in Seattle

I just called my wife to be sure: We DID see the Nationals win three times in Seattle, didn't we?

Who the hell are these guys who showed up in Minnesota?

Oh well. I can always remember the spectacular view from my Seattle seats on Friday.


Gus said...

Ok, I'll stop my ranting about the hitting and firing Lenny, coz I have been ground down by the fact that no-one on the team seems to actually care about how truly terrible this team is.

The players don't seem angry, the manager doesn't seem capable of getting angry, and Jim and the big wigs seem to be just enjoying the free food and Segways that comes with running a MLB team.

My Aussie Rules football team currently sucks as well, but after every big lose, the coach comes out and says "That wasn't good enough, this player needs to step up, that player is playing for his career and if we don't start seeing results, players will be joining the line to collect unemployment benfits".

Where is the drive to win?

George Templeton said...

I think they do care, but the reason no one is getting blinding angry is because that would be a waste of time. There is the context of where this team is on the road to being a contender. As fans we are going through the tough part.
And having been through this the last few years with the Caps, it is tough (if the Z-Man was healthy everyday it would be easier to tolerate, just as Ovechkin made the Caps struggles easier to deal with).
Let me urge you and anyone else reading this that might feel as you do, don't throw up your hands with this team.
The more important thing is figuring out who else makes up the foundation besides the Z-man. Milledge (?), Flores, Dukes, Lannan, Rauch, Guzman, Cordero (?), Clippard (?) could be part of that foundation and as we all know (and hope) help is on the way!
With all that said the Nats would do well to sign an important free agent this offseason (and be willing to put up 8 figures a year to do it), not exactly a news flash that is for sure.

Gus said...

I think that is the problem, the reluctance to do something big that might make a difference.

My opinion on those you mentioned -
Milledge - maybe
Flores - certainly
Dukes - big maybe
Lannan - solid number 3
Rauch - certainly (if only he could pitch 9 innings a game!)
Guzman - that's scary
Cordero - no way
Clippard- haven't seen enough

MikeHarris said...

I will address the future in a post soon but will take a moment to give a quick look at your list:

Milledge - probably
Flores - definitely
Dukes - don't hold your breath
Lannan - probably
Rauch - trade bait, as much as I love him
Guzman - OK for two more years, not beyond that.
Cordero - will never be the same
Clippard- iffy

Flores and Zimmerman are the only untouchables at this point.