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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here and there before hitting the road

*Thanks to all who participated in the Dukes discussion on my previous post. Good exchange of views. He's a subject that brings that out, that's for sure. What I don't like about most message board settings is you can't have a discussion without it generating into insults and name calling. That wasn't the case here and I appreciate everyone making that possible. My guess is it won't be the last time we talk about Mr. Dukes.

*Last night was one of those totally disconnected from the game nights and I guess I picked a good night for that. Took my wife to see Reefer Madness at a local theater two blocks from the office, dinner beforehand. We had a blast. I did sneak a listen to the pregame while driving to the theater after dinner. I also called my son at intermission and asked for a score. He said, "Just make sure you enjoy the play." He's a Braves fan so he's in agony right now. I offered him Colome to shore up that weak pen down there. After last night, I may have to ask for more in return.

*We're going tonight and tomorrow. My son and his girlfriend are joining us. I hope to get there early enough tonight to watch Big Brown win the Triple Crown on the TV in the bar. We're in 420 tonight and 312 tomorrow but I may splurge for an upgrade. Looks like we'll see Garrett Mock tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekends. Try not to bake.


Sean Hogan said...

I'll also be there tonight, taking pops for Father's Day a week early.

MikeHarris said...

Excellent - enjoy. I like going to games with my son, even if he is a Braves fan.

I'll be in Seattle for Father's Day (yes, watching the Nats) so I'm seeing both the kids this weekend.

Sean Hogan said...

Yeah, I'll be in Blacksburg next weekend so we're celebrating a week early as well.

Sean Hogan said...

Great game for 7 innings! =x

George Templeton said...

Tough loss to stomach with the way they collapsed. But listening to a game where Shawn Hill fights himself early and then gets into a groove and starts rolling through the other team's lineup, is very encouraging.
I am ready for ready for Mock-mania tomorrow!

MikeHarris said...

How do you say sayonara in Spanish because I want to make sure Ayala understands me! (Remember his earlier 'don't speak English' comment?)
Ugh. Hill deserved better.