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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get Someone Who Can Move At First

Now. PLEASE. I don't care who it is, just about anyone else is an upgrade. Dmitri's inability to move is a killer, on offense and defense.

Wonder what's wrong with LoDuca? Besides being past his prime and overpaid.

Looks like no one is there to watch this disaster. I'd be 1,000 kinds of pissed if I'd made the drive to see that. My daughter is using my tickets tomorrow. I may tell her just to head across the street from her place and watch the P-Nats, if they're home. Even if they're not, it's liable to be more entertaining.

I'm sorry. Do I sound bitter?


WFY said...

A perfect night for baseball too. I wanted to be there.

Gus said...

I just don't see how signing Young and Belliard last year, and Lo Duca and Estrada this year have anything to do with getting good young players into the system. If we are happy to lose, at least let us watch the future lose.

MikeHarris said...

Damn, a blind squirrel just found an acorn. Nice to hit it now and not Saturday when it would have meant something.

Anyway, you have a great point Gus. My only rationale is they wanted to trade them for prospects. But wouldn't they have done that last year when Belliard and Young weren't making so much? And would any team want any of them besides Belliard now? How much could he fetch?


Gus said...

And Flop can go too... I'd love to see how many GIDP he's had on the first pitch!

I might have to work instead of wasting my mornings watching Gameday...and that's BAD!

MikeHarris said...

I was very happy to see FLop sitting to start this one and dismayed at his first-pitch DP. Next train out of town. Please.

WFY said...

Train? How about bus?

MikeHarris said...

Hell, give him a new pair of shoes and tell him to walk his non-chalant ass out of town.

Mama B said...

Okay, can't resist jumping on this one... P-Nats aren't home - it's the all star break. However, for those of you who are frustrated watching the big boys, you ought to come out and watch the Nats team that is winning. Ran into someone last night who had to be dragged to a P-Nats game. Told me how he went to a Nats game and his trip to Potomac was a much better experience.

If you want to enjoy a game (and not be tearing your hair out) come see what is actually being built.