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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some scoopage for

I didn't see this about Cristian Guzman in the Post or the Times today. Two year offer, money not specified.
I'm fine with that, as long as the money isn't ridiculous. What qualifies as that? Good question. Two years in the 14-16 million range would be OK by me. Someone else will pay him more than that, just the way things work. Shortstop is a worry position. Get this done now and move on to the million other worry spots.

Love my man Flores, who is slumping a bit but still delivers. I figured the Nats were doomed when they didn't score with the bases loaded and nobody out.

Also, Hill goes on DL to make room for Perez. Buys a weekend for someone. Does Orr go out Monday when Clippard starts in place of Hill? Or someone else?

Curious to see what the off day brings. A friend thinks it will bring the end of FLop. I guess we'll see soon enough.


Chris Needham said...

Perhaps the win helps bring a stay of execution?

MikeHarris said...

Or Orr's error? Kind of a "Yeah, he sucks but do we really have anybody better" kind of thing?

Sec314 said...

Where's Jr. Spivey when we need him?

I'd love to see FLop be gone, but he's hitting better than Casto, Harris or Orr (and WMP).

If Zimm is able to come back this year (which I doubt), and Belliard can become the regular 2B, then maybe THAT could be the end of FLop.

Sean Hogan said...

Yeah, I agree with Sec314. It would take Zimm back to force Fail-ipe off the roster, unfortunadamente.

MikeHarris said...

Something probably up. Hill DL, Perez activated, Johnson to 60-day - which frees up a spot on the 40 man. Ballester?