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Monday, June 9, 2008

$4 water never looked so good

I upgraded yesterday. Sat in section 130, just a few rows back. Probably ought to NOT do that again on a day when the temperature hits 2,397 degrees. Great view, great seats, really damn hot. I soaked through two hats. But not my cool new green hat. I spent so much money at the Land of Overpriced Goods that they gave me a set of six logo golf balls.

The game itself? This team can be frustrating in so many ways. I was neither impressed nor unimpressed with Mock. He wasn't the problem. He also didn't make me go "wow!" A double play in the first, so Milledge's home run is good for just a run. Dukes makes a mistake on the bases, which normally wouldn't bother me so much but with this team struggling so much for every run you can't take many risks. Bases loaded, no outs, one run. I really thought Nieves ball might get over Winn's head. A dropped throw on a stolen base attempt. Wily Mo up, bases loaded *** groundout. Bad hops. Ineffective relief pitching. John Bowker? Twice in two days? Six RBI?

All of it makes you want to yell ARRRGGGGHHHHHH but it would have been too draining in the heat.

So I just sat there and sucked it up and waved over the water guy again.

Looking forward to seeing the games in Seattle this weekend, with night-time temperatures in the 50s.


George Templeton said...

Maybe Tyler Clippard will show us why Bowden traded a good reliever for him.

MikeHarris said...

We can hope. I am not terribly optimistic at this point.

Softball Girl said...

How much were your seats in 130? Worth the price? And how did you exchange your normal season tix? At the box office outside the stadium?

MikeHarris said...

75 each, so no. That's a lot of money. But my son and his girlfriend had never been that close so I figured it was worth it once. Should have waited for a night game.
This was not on my plan. I had purchased tickets in 312 so I went to ticket exchange and turned those in and paid the difference. I assume it works the same way with the ticket plan.
It was a great location and a great vantage point.

Gus said...

Fire Lenny!

Didn't realise you liked the horses Mike. I work for Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, home of the Melbourne Cup. If you are ever in town in the first week of November, let me know, I'll get you some nice members tickets to the greatest racing carnival in the world.

MikeHarris said...

Gus, thanks. Went to the track one day while in Sydney for the 2000 Olympics. A bunch of us went in on a big "trifector" and daggone near hit it. Would have paid for the trip.
I will put Melbourne on my list.