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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Westward Ho!

Nice of the Nats to play a day game today so I can watch the game while I pack for my trip to Seattle. Eager to see Safeco, which I understand is a great ballpark. Last time I was in Seattle, the Pilots played there (and I saw them play the Senators). There as in Seattle, not Safeco. They played in an old minor league park called Sicks Stadium.

It looks like half of the $6.25 million DynamicDudDuo will rejoin the team in Seattle and Acta was coy in Chico (the writer's) Nationals Journal update this morning. I can't believe there's even a debate. Is it not obvious what should be done? Flores has to be No. 1. There's no valid argument that can be made against it. I can live with LoDuca as the No. 2, though I'd prefer Nieves. Zuckerman just said on MASN that Casto may go and they'll keep three catchers. Boone and Belliard will handle third. I can live with that, too.

I cannot see a scenario where they'll keep Estrada when he's finally ready to play. What purpose would that serve at this point?

Hell, I can live with anything other than Flores not being No. 1.

I'll check in once or twice from the other side of the country.


Sean Hogan said...

I would not be okay with Estrada being on the team for any reason. He sucks and loafs like Lopez.

I have a feeling Nieves gets dealt for a Type C prospect. He won't clear waivers and I don't really see a use of keeping 3 catchers. It's time to move Luke Montz up anyways.

Have a good trip!

George Templeton said...

So how long before Mrs. Harris trades you in for Jesus Flores?

MikeHarris said...

Pretty soon, I suspect. Though he may be second in line.
I'm waiting for my drink at the Original Starbucks and Wil Nieves is in line behind me. Ridiculously nice guy. Chatted for a while, he enjoyed hearing how much we enjoyed seeing his home run. Easy to root for a guy like that.