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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eastward Ho!

Back home today, back to Nationals Park on Saturday. Great trip. I could get used to living out here if the Nationals would visit more often.
Will post some pix of Safeco when I return.
In the meantime, I will ponder Friday's pitching choice on my way home. And relive the joy of seeing Kory Casto's first home run on Sunday. Clearly hit the pole. Those Mariners fans could not have been nicer to this invader but they are a very bitter bunch about the fortunes of their team. One of them saw me in my Nats hat on Monday and thanked me profusely for helping get their GM fired.


Sean Hogan said...

Eastward Ho! sounds like Lastings Milledge's latest rap album.

Parker said...

Kory's 3 RBI home run was amazing! I was at Safeco watching Kory (my brother-in-law). I had to run out of the bathroom, business half completed, when one of the announcers said, "Looks like Kory Casto will come in to pinch hit for Willy Mo Pena". I ran to the first open seat I could find, half a dozen sections away from my family. I sat down not ten seconds before the hit, and I knew as soon as he hit it that that ball was going away. I stood right back up and from where I was at LEFT field I could see the ball hit the foul post! So I began cheering and jumping, much to the confusion and rage of every person within earshot of my enthusiasm. I remained where I was long enough to see my brother round home, then quickly and carefully waded through the "boo's" back to my seat. There my family, including my sister and niece (Kory's wife and daughter), were slumped down in there seats, looking afraid and excited, but afraid to look excited. The folks around us knew that we were there to see Kory, and they congratulated us; good sports. One gentleman even looked at me and said, "Off the pole, that's a home run!" An exemplary baseball fan, good on you, sir!
Ah, that was a good weekend.

Gus said...

Maybe the reason Kory can still hit is because Lenny hasn't got his claws into him yet.


MikeHarris said...

Parker, great story, thanks for sharing. Your brother-in-law looks like a different player this year. I was close enough to home to hear that ball and he got all of it. Mariners fans near me were not happy with my dance. Oh well.

Got back to the house, rushed in to turn on the TV - just in time to see the Twins score 100 in the eighth.

Will post those pix of Safeco soon. Great park in a great city.

George Templeton said...

Too bad you didn't get home to see Paul LoDuca's quality play at first. A shudder went through me when the radio guys talked about Paul LoDuca playing left field (!).
The best place for Paul LoDuca is left tv booth or left studio desk.

Parker said...

It sounds like Kory just has a different mental approach this year. He's the kind of guy who can figure out what's wrong and fix it. That's not just with hitting, but the mental aspects, too. That fits perfectly with my image of an elite athlete.