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Friday, May 16, 2008

Clueless in Richmond

Driving home from work, I thought about what I usually think about - watching the Nats on television. Such an exciting life I lead.

Anyway, I probably shouldn't admit this for fear of coming across like the total dumbass I am. But it dawned on me as I drove that I am not certain I can name a single Orioles player. I don't really follow the sport as a whole. If not for the Nats, I'm not sure I'd pay close attention at all.

Markakis? Is that right? Young outfielder who is pretty good. The closer is some castoff who was doing well recently. Dave Tremblay or something is the manager. I remember he got the job last season and my ol' pal from the Richmond Braves, Leo Mazzone, was gone as pitching coach at the end of the season.

There's some guy who throws really hard but is wild. Not sure if he is still there.

Dang. I'm worse than I thought.

I used to know the O's pretty well. Pre-Camden Yards, my wife and I would take the kids up for a weekend at least once a summer. We'd do the Aquarium, the zoo (great zoo for kids) and see some baseball. We may still be members of the Baltimore zoo for all I know. I covered several games professionally at Camden Yards, especially when my old neighbor Johnny Oates was manager (same high school as my wife). I've seen two as a fan there, one in some suite when I was attending a seminar in the area and once when the Nats played. I left during the second rain delay. The Nats lost.

I'll spend the next hour on, trying to learn a little something.

Are more diehard fans of one team as clueless about many teams as I am, or am I not totally alone? I know the NL East very well, since we see them so much against the Nats. I'm going to make a list of all the teams around baseball this weekend and see how many others don't make a dent in my brain.

Going to Seattle this summer. I know Jose Vidro is there and Richie Sexson - he carries a purse to throw at pitchers he doesn't like (blatant steal from Bob Ryan on PTI). Ichiro is there, too. I'd do much better on a Mariners test than I would on an Orioles test.

(they just flashed the lineups. I should have known Roberts, among others. I thought Roberts was going to the Cubs? Should have known Mora, too. I also now know the name Garrett Olson, who probably wishes I didn't as he's getting clubbed. Also, what happened in Baltimore? There isn't anybody there. Didn't it used to be the toughest ticket around?)


Mike said...

I grew up in Alexandria as an Orioles' fan. My mom would take me up there a few times a year, and I kept following them as I got older. I always wanted a team here in D.C. though, so when the Expos decided to move, it wasn't all that hard for me to switch allegiances.

I still know the players relatively well, but probably not all that different from most other teams(though like you I know the NL East teams much better).

I'm glad that there was a team to follow growing up, so I don't wish anything but the best for the Orioles, but my team is definitely the Nats.

MikeHarris said...

Same here, I wish the Orioles no ill will despite their owner. A Beltway Series one day would be cool but the odds on me living that long are slim.