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Friday, May 23, 2008

Moves out the wazoo

OF Ryan Langerhans purchased by Washington
RHP Brian Sanches purchased by Washington
LHP Charlie Manning purchased by Washington
RHP Chris Schroder optioned from Washington
LHP Matt Chico optioned from Washington

I'm OK with of all of them, though I do feel for Schroder. I think his yo-yo days are over.
I hope Chico stays down the rest of the year. And develops.

(the goal here is NOT to break news. Yet somehow, thanks to some great connections, it is up here before it is on and Nationals Journal. Hell, if I was that good when I was in newspapers I'd probably still be there! I'm just f-ing around, of course. Nationals Farm Authority had it - the site is gold on, well, the farm. And NFA credits the Columbus Clippers site - which is still ahead of
( must be waiting for JimBow to make the announcement - guess it isn't news there until he says IT IS NEWS).


Mike said...

Langerhans can play defense and he has decent plate discipline with limited power. He's like the anti-Wily Mo.

MikeHarris said...

I like Langerhans a lot but Chris' point that he's basically Willy is a good one.